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Ambition Investment Policy

 The Ambition Holdings Limited is open to investors for its various projects, with mutual beneficial terms and conditions. The company maintains the financial security of the Investments and we maximise profits by ensuring that resources are not wasted or misused at any level of the company. Investors can assure that we apply just principles in making our investment decisions. One can make an overall investment becoming a partner in profit and loss as determined by calculating the overall profit and loss of the company. Investors can withdraw profit at the end of the financial year or upon project completion or it will be considered as a reinvestment for the next financial year.

All partners will be the owners of the property or fund earned by the company. Investment can be made in a specific project of the company. In this case, the investor would share the profit and/or loss of that project only in proportion to the amount invested. An investor will buy a product and the Company will buy back from the investor at a price with the agreed profit. The company will pay the profit and invested amount as agreed. An investor will receive an acknowledgment letter of the investment amount, receipt and a deed as agreed. Investor such as charitable institutions, orphans and widows will receive higher amount of profit than a regular investor.

Ambition Holdings Limited welcomes clients interested in joint ventures for land development. Upon a satisfactory land inspection report, and the assessment and recommendations of our legal team, the company sets the terms and conditions for the joint venture.